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ML350 removing hot swap disk - rebuild RAID array?

Andrew Maddison
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ML350 removing hot swap disk - rebuild RAID array?


One of our customers has a PIII ML350 with four disks setup as a RAID 5 array with one disk designated as the hot spare.

To install more disks in the server we would like to remove the hot swap and setup another RAID array in the available slots.

If we use the HP tools to remove the hotswap disk will the data be lost on the remaining 3 disks? We want to avoid having to rebuild the server if we have to!

Many thanks.
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Re: ML350 removing hot swap disk - rebuild RAID array?

Depending on the controller you are using, the Array Configuration Utiltiy (either from SmartStart or from your O/S) can manage your Hot Spare. You should be able to remove the hot spare from the logical drive without deleting the Logical.

Here is a link to the ACU Users Guide:
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