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ML370 G2 -Array controller 532 driver


ML370 G2 -Array controller 532 driver

hi everybody,

I recently replaced my failed array controller 5300 with 532. I got blue screen during the boot of Windows 2000
I download driver for 532 loaded using F6 and also upgraded the latest ROM V. 2.62 A 23 MAr 05..but I got Stop 0x0000007B (Inaccessible boot device) actually I tried all Microsoft solution chkdsk /f and check boot.ini etc.. Nothing work

I also renamed the old driver files to .bak and copied the following two files into the %root%/System32/drivers

CPQCISSM.SYS - Base I/O driver
CPQCISSE.SYS - Notification driver responsible for processing events from the controller

After all still am getting same error ….

Do i need to add the rest files such as

cpqciss.dll - application extension
cpqcisse - security catalog

I am having nightmare, Please help …