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ML370 Raid issues

Michael Smith_19
Occasional Contributor

ML370 Raid issues

Hey All,

I've been trying to use an IBM ServeRaid 4Mx raid card in a ProLiant ML370 (G1) to no avail... does anyone know if this is possible?

Can you also suggest an alternate raid card for me to use? We're having issues with the embedded controllers that I've determined has to be the controllers or motherboard, so I don't wish to use them. Thanks
Chris Bennett_9
Valued Contributor

Re: ML370 Raid issues

The only array controllers that I know are certified for use with the ML370 (by HP anyway) are SMART Array controllers. These controllers are manufactured and fully supported by HP, designed specifically for ProLiant servers...

I doubt you would be able to get support for the IBM RAID cards in a ProLiant.