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ML530 and 3200 controller setup

Occasional Visitor

ML530 and 3200 controller setup

i have a ML530 tower server with a smart array 3200 controller in it. the server is wiped and im trying to set it up. im using the smart start 7.40 cd but every time i boot it keeps saying "no supported controllers detected" when i goto configure the 3200 controller.

i could use the 5.50 smart start cd but that doesnt support windows 2003 server which is what i plan to put on this machine.

im not sure where to go from here.
could some one advise me on the best way to get this machine running windows 2003 with all the nessasary compaq support software.

thanks in advance.
Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: ML530 and 3200 controller setup


use SmartStart 5.50, select the Manual installation method, and select Windows 2000 as your OS. Then when you are eventually asked for the OS CD, put in the Windows 2003 Setup CD and reboot. W2K3 will detect your array controller and should be able to install. Don't forget to install and configure the SNMP service if you want to use the Management Agents. Then when Windows is installed, you can apply the latest Support Pack.

Occasional Visitor

Re: ML530 and 3200 controller setup

cheers dude, it worked a treat.