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MPX100b to EVA440(w/Brocade) using copper-FC

Honored Contributor

MPX100b to EVA440(w/Brocade) using copper-FC


Has anyone tried connecting mpx100b (iSCSI router) to an EVA4400's embedded Brocade SAN Switch, using the Copper-Fiber cables? Does that work? or mpx100b only connects to SAN switch via FC SFPs?

The major difference between these 2 is the speed. mpx100b only works at 2Gbps if connected via FC SFPs but if connected using copper-FC, works at 4Gbps. I have seen this copper-FC patch works for EVA4400 direct connection where unused ports are filled with loopback but not sure if Brocade switches can take the copper connections.

Thanks in advance.