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MSA 1000 Expansion and Extension

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Khurram Shahzad
Regular Advisor

MSA 1000 Expansion and Extension

I have a MSA1000. I have created 4 units and presented to a Linux server. Now we are planning to add two more MSA30's with existing MSA1000.

I need to know that currently all four units have disk range from 101 to 114.

What I will have to do when two new msa30's will be installed, how I will be expand these four units so these can occupy the space of their disks.
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA 1000 Expansion and Extension

First, are you going to have all the disks on the same RAID? You currently have 14, with 42 disks the probability of data loss is too high, even in RAID ADG.
Also, the maximum size for a logical unit in a MSA1000 is 2 TB, so you'll have to create more logical units.
Once the new MSA30s are connected, you can expand the existing array adding more disks to it. That's done frum ACU.
Once you have space free on the RAID you can use it to extend a logical unit. That's done from ACU too, just select the logical unit and look at the options in the right.
There's also an ACU CLI for linux if you cannot use the graphical interface.