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MSA 1000 Logical Drive Limitation (1TB)?

Seth Milliner
Occasional Contributor

MSA 1000 Logical Drive Limitation (1TB)?

I have a Compaq MSA 1000 with two additional storage boxes for a
total of 42 drives @72.8GB each (grand total of just over 3TB). My
client needs a single large volume of roughly 1.8 to 1.9TB (27 or 28
drives depending on RAID5 or ADG). I've tried both RAID5 and RAID ADG
and although I can create an array, I cannot create a single logical
drive of any size over 1TB. Have researched all the documentation,
have even called Compaq support. They recommended trying larger
stripe size and trying "Max Boot" but neither worked (tried up to 64k
stripe size). Using Compaq ACU-XE.

OS: Windows 2000 Server
HW: Compaq DL580 G2 w/fiber HBA to the MSA 1000, storage boxes are
single bus

Any help in getting over this hurdle would be greatly appreciated.

David Bell_1
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA 1000 Logical Drive Limitation (1TB)?


Not too sure if this will help but take a look at Appendix E-9.



Sune Ratgen
Occasional Visitor

Re: MSA 1000 Logical Drive Limitation (1TB)?

I have a similar problem with the MSA1000. Only i cant get over 502Mb logical volume. After extending a logical volume to 502 Mb i loose the option for extending even though, there i physical space for around 200Gb more. I have 13 x 72Gb disk in a Raid5 ADG (1 spare) solution. Also tried the 64k stripe size, and it didnt have any effect.
Upgraded all drivers and fw to the latest versions. No effect either...
The server attached is a DL380G2 with a W2K OS.
Right now i have reported the problem to the French technical division of "Compaq", but havent heard from them in 14 days :(
Any help in getting over this hurdle would be greatly appreciated here too.