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MSA 1050 login not working

New Member

MSA 1050 login not working

Hey all!

Can't login to MSA via Web and CLI (prompts for username and password).  Username and Password is 100% known, but no go...   I've tried all the default usernames and passwords (which weren't changed either).

Is there a special way to get to the CLI # without logging in?  I've connected with the USB / Serial link.

Thanks for any help.

System Version: VE270R001-01
OS Version: VPM270R001-01
MC Version: VXM270R001-01



Re: MSA 1050 login not working


HPE MSA Storage - How to Reset Lost Passwords on MSA 2000 Series G1 and G2 Models


HPE MSA 2040 SAN Storage - Connecting to the Controller CLI Port



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Re: MSA 1050 login not working


I don't know if this works but you might try

For you to reset the password from STORAGE P2000 G3. Access the STORAGE with USB cable using an emulator (putty).

User: restoredefaults
pass: MACADDRESS ==> first check the MACADDRESS of the controller.

Just wait 3 minutes, then you can access again with

user: manage
pass: !manage

if you have support contract HPE can reset your password.


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Re: MSA 1050 login not working

Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear.  The CLI prompts for a password as well and so I can't get to the enable (#) prompt...

Had to setup another account - This site was broken last week, and apparently my email address isn't associated with my other account.  HP you are killing me this month!!

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Re: MSA 1050 login not working

Bad part is, I don't have access to the current config so resetting it would really not work well (It's also a production unit)...

I'd still like to know why the CLI is prompting for a username / password still and not just the enable (#) prompt.