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MSA 1500 + ESX LUN problem??

TB Rich
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MSA 1500 + ESX LUN problem??


I have had the same problem with 2 of our deployments with an MSA1500.
The problem being that the vmfs was not visible on the Lun's (although the lun's were showing in the VI client).

I think it was because the connections had not been set and were left to 'default' rather than setting to 'Linux'.

Could someone explain if this could and the reasons behing causing it - my bosses are not confident in the deployments now and im getting grief!

The other thing is ref how its setup. My boss (who purchased it all) didn't understand about having dual hba's and active/active controllers etc.
So, we have 2 FC switches, 2 controllers with v7 a/a firmware but only 1 hba per server!
For now until I can get a dual hba adapter im moving the servers onto the one switch and both controllers onto the one switch, then setting a preferred patch for lun 0 to controller 1 and lun 1 to controller 2 - this would be the best way yes? (we only have the 2 luns and used only for VM).

As it stood it was setup with 4 servers and 1 controller in 1 switch and the other 4 servers and controller in the other switch. Now as i understand it, with the msa not being true active/active that the existing setup would be inducing lun thrashing also??

I set the connections now with the correct profile name, here is the tech_support report incase anything else might not be set?

Many Thanks,