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MSA 1500 logical drive failure

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MSA 1500 logical drive failure

Our MSA1500CS (firmware version--4.82) is connected to one MSA30 (with 14 SCSI disks), we had carve out two RAID 6 logical drives (100Gb and 300GB) on this array.

The MSA is connected directly to one of our server running Windows 2003 through fibre cable and both the logical drives are available to this server.

By accident the SCSI cable connecting MSA1500 to JBOD (MSA30) became loose and thus the logical drives failed.

We reconnected the SCSI cable but the ACU was still showing logical drive status as failed, though there was an option to ‘re-enable failed logical drive’.

We re enabled one of the logical drives and it was again available.

But Windows Logical Disk Manager is recognizing it as a new disk and is asking us to reinitialize it (which means loss of old volume).

The other logical drive is untouched and is still in failed state.

How can we recover the volumes?