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MSA 1500cs with Disk Enclosures MSA30.

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MSA 1500cs with Disk Enclosures MSA30.

There are 8 146GB disks on a disk enclosure with RAID 5 and new 6 300GB hard disk will be added to the enclosure with the same RAID 5 config. How can this new RAID be configured with this new 6 300Gb hdd? What are the steps to take for the configuration?

Eemans Dany
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA 1500cs with Disk Enclosures MSA30.


8 x 146 GB Disk in R5 and you add 6 new 600 GB disks.
Do you whant to add them to the existing R5 or creating a new R5 array.

If you add to the existing R5 you lose a lot of diskspace as the 600 GB will be used as a 146 GB disk.
To create a new R5 array, Add the disks one by one (2 min interval) once done, go to ACU and rescan the array.
Select the new disks and create a new array in the preferred raid level.
Thats it.

If you prefer a bit more securety, you can stop the MSA1500 (power down), add the disks and power up again.
Than use the same way to create the Array and raid sets.