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MSA 1500i

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MSA 1500i

1.what is the fault tollerance of the MSA 1500i against theft, environmental (flooding in the server room/fires),virus attack,hardware failure.
2.What secondary Data recovery/Back up proceedues like roaming profiles,offsite backup, tape can one implement?
3.Can the MSA 1500i be able to host live application datae.g Lotus notes can one implement snapshots for data versioning
Allan D'Souza
Regular Advisor

Re: MSA 1500i

1.En1vironmental and theft are best handled locally. There are published specs on operating bounds for any equipment and same goes for the MSA1510i. Virus attacks are not known to occur on such systems since they run out of ROM and use non-traditional operating systems. That being said you should consider setting up a VLAN for your storage network and use access controls and login authentication to protect your storage assets. All of these can be done on the MSA1510i. You can also encrypt all of your storage traffic between your servers and the MSA1510i with an external IPSEC solution.

2. You will need a 3rd party backup solution including tape. There are several vendors in this category that will work and be compatible with Windows or VMWare.

3. I don't see any reason why it would not work on a MSA1510i. That is an application much like Microsoft Exchange that runs very nicely off a MSA1510i.

4. 3rd party snapshot providers compatible with Microsoft Windows or VMWare can be found that would work with the MSA1510i.