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MSA-20 Max Disc Capacity? 400-1000GB?

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MSA-20 Max Disc Capacity? 400-1000GB?



I need to know the Maximum Possible Disc Capacity a Drive can have in my MSA-20 Shelf. I Found 160-250GB as Maximum in the Quickspecs. But i had 2*300GB Drives as Raid1 working in it. So, i guess it can handle bigger drives. But how big is possible? And where are the limitations (in MSA, in Arraycontroller, BIOS, anywhere)?


If this is helpful for an Answer: The MSA20 should work with an Proliant DL380G4 or an DL360G4 (both with their builtin Controllers) and with Linux or probably Win2k(32Bit). An additional 6402 Controller is also available.


I don't want to use newest drives, but if 400-1000GB Drives may work it will be okay for me.


Is there any HP-Doc. Link to facts or what are your Experience in this case?