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MSA 2000

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MSA 2000


Is there a tool similar to HP-CC & EVA DT for collecting the logs of MSA 2000 and pharsing the same to build a configuration document for MSA 2000 Array's ?
Jonathan BM
Occasional Visitor

Re: MSA 2000

There is no tool to use from the host, since the MSA is managed with the SMU web based application, using that you can collect the logs with all configuration and tech information necessary, go to the following tab in the SMU menu:

MANAGE/Utilities/debug utilities/save logs to file

That will let you choose the logs you need and save them to a file.

Re: MSA 2000

Also, you can create a configuration file to back up the MSA settings to a file in the management host. (Vdisk and volume config will be stored in the disks' metadata, not in the file). In SMU go to:

Manage > Utilities > Configuration Utilities > Save Config File.

More information can be found in: