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MSA 2012 Failover

david kinsella_1
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MSA 2012 Failover


I have an MSA (SAS) connected to a DL380G5 with 2 HBA cards in the server. Card 1 goes to controller A and card 2 goes to controller B in the MSA.

There are 12 disks in the MSA and I have created 4 vdisks. Two vdisks are mapped to one HBA and the other 2 are mapped to the other HBA. Each controller is responsible to 2 volumes each. I can see the disks in Windows and all is well.

What happens if controller A fails, will controller B take over the 2 volumes it is not currently responsible for?

What happens if one of the HBA cards fails in the server? Will the other HBA take over?
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Re: MSA 2012 Failover

Hi David

if you have the DSM loaded then yes.


select product and download HP MSA2000 MPIO DSM package

to manage DSM it uses a cli called dsmcli

to run from windows start menu or command line propmt:
c:\program files\Hewlett-Parckard\HPMPIO DSM\MSA2000
enter command dsmcli

commands are

hope that helps

david kinsella_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: MSA 2012 Failover

Thanks for the input. I have installed this and it says that it is using roundrobin.

Am I correct in saying that if a HBA fails the data will travel across the other HBA in the server?