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MSA 500G2 error and controller CLI

Occasional Contributor

MSA 500G2 error and controller CLI

Hi everbody!

I have an MSA 500 G2 disk array with redundant MSA conroller.
Rarely I get the following error on the standby controller:
"43 Redundancy Failed Hardware Failure"

The problem is that the active controller stops host I/O at that time when the redundant controller failed.

If I remove the failed standby nothing happened, the host I/O is stopped.

If I restart the full system (MSA 500 G2 plus four DL380 G4) with the two controller it seemed to everyting works fine, and the error 43 went away.

But the host file systems are damaged!

I read a customer advisory,to disable failed standby controller, but i think the MSA 500 G2 controller doesn't support the usage the MSA controller CLI.


Have somebody any experience this situation?

Any help are weclome?


Jefferson Humber
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA 500G2 error and controller CLI

Yes, you are correct. The CLI isn't supported on the MSA500G2.
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