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MSA 60 on DL380p G8? SA P421?

Occasional Contributor

MSA 60 on DL380p G8? SA P421?

We have an MSA 60 hanging around we want to use for low-end storage.  We'd like to connect it to our DL380p G8, but we need a card.


If we purchase a Smart Array P421, would this work?  The P421 is compatible with the DL380, but doesn't show as compatible on the MSA 60 (Obviously the MSA 60 didn't exist at the time of the P421, so wasn't sure if it's truly not compatible or. . .)?

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Re: MSA 60 on DL380p G8? SA P421?

I second this question, our DL380 G5's are about to be replaced, but there's no budget for a new storage array.

Figured i could use our two MSA60's with two new G8 servers but will that work?

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Re: MSA 60 on DL380p G8? SA P421?

Even if it works, you probably will extremely slow down your new server by using this old and slow array. Have a look at the D2600 or D2700.

Hope this helps!

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