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MSA CLI show perf output

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MSA CLI show perf output

Hi there.

The last few lines of the show perf command on the MSA CLI show performance per volume. Does anyone know whether these hex are for bytes, Kb or per stripe? Below is an example output.

show perf

Sample interval: 59.9s
Structure version: 101
% CPU utilization: 34%
Command count: 9469
Avg Command Latency: 90.21ms
% Time Active Reqs: 18.3%
Max Outst Cmd Lists: 4
Logical Req Count: 9469
Avg Free Phys Reqs: 1425
Avg Free Log. Reqs: 1072
Avg Free Xbuf Sects: 0
Avg Lrgst Avail Xb S: 0
Avg Free CPU DRAM KB: 0
Max DMA Xfer Q Depth: 0
% Time DMA Xfr Stall: 0.0%
Avg Locked Stripes: 0
Avg Stripes Waiting: 0
Avg Completions/Sec: 158.0
Avg Log Req Comp/Sec: 158.0

Logical volume data: (All values in hex except Vol and AvQDep)
Vol LWrites LReads AvQDep CHits CMiss RACount LSectRd LSectWr
0 31E 322 1 35 2ED 0 3198 3E7D
1 18 4A 0 0 4A 0 378 C0
2 14C5 783 0 C9 6BA 0 6638 13780
3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0