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MSA P2000 G3 LUN owner

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MSA P2000 G3 LUN owner

I am really new to HP storage arrays so I guess this question can be easily answered. We bought an MSA with dual SAS controllers for use in a vSphere environment using a c7000 enclosure. If I understand well, the vdisks created are the ones that can be assigned to a controller and not the LUNs (volumes) inside that vdisk. The volumes are owned by the controller that owns the specific vdisk. That means that if I have a  vdisk1 owned by controllerA and vdisk2 owned by controllerB and I want to create a volume from vdisk2 that volume cannot be owned by controllerA. Is that correct?

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Jan Soska
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Re: MSA P2000 G3 LUN owner

Generally you are right. Point is to spread your luns across both controllers to keep load balanced. of course you can keep everything one 1 controller, but this is waste of resorces - each controller has own cache, cpu...




Re: MSA P2000 G3 LUN owner

Yuo are correct. The "preferred owner" of the Vdisk will be the controller under which you are creating the vdisk or volume. However, the ownership can be changed at times, when there is a requirment for load balancing or if one of the controller failes. 


When a controller fails, the partner controller assumes temporary ownership of the failed controller’s vdisks
and resources, becoming the current owner. If the system uses a fault-tolerant cabling configuration, both
controllers’ LUNs are accessible through the partner.


You can check the details to create a vdisk in the link below :





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