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MSA SAN boot

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MSA SAN boot

Hi there,

I'm one of hp qa engineer.
One of my test content is to make SAN and local disks exist together, and install Linux OS to SAN disk and boot from SAN. For the local linux distribution I test it will recoganise internal disk first and install lilo to local disk MBR.

If I disable qlogic selective boot I can't achieve this goal at all, because it seems the SAN disk not available at the time lilo boot.
But if I press Ctl-Q to config qlogic selective boot, and enable one LUN of MSA, then use ML570 BIOS and let internal disk boot first, then qlogic. But the fact is qlogic boot first,whatever the BIOS set.

So for me I have two options, one is to disable local SCSI, the other is to adjust SCSI device order from OS installation, which is provided with some linux distributions, but not mine.

Do you think I can let qlogic devices available at boot stage while let local disk bootup first?