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Re: MSA Storage P2000 G3 FC - problem

Artur Debski
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MSA Storage P2000 G3 FC - problem

Hi all

Recently we got some problems with one of our MSA2000

it looks like:


# show vdisks
Name     Size     Free    Own Pref   RAID   Disks Spr Chk  Status Jobs      Job%      Serial Number                    Drive Spin Down        Spin Down Delay       Health
  Health Reason
  Health Recommendation                                                                                                                                                                                           
Spare    899.2GB  899.2GB B   B      NRAID  1     0   N/A  UP                         00c0ff1584870000f8b7de5100000000 Disabled               0                     OK

Spare    899.2GB  899.2GB B   B      NRAID  1     0   N/A  QTOF                       00c0ff15814d00003bb8de5100000000 Disabled               0                     Fault
  The vdisk is quarantined.
  - Look for events in the event log related to quarantine (172 or 485) and follow the recommended actions for those events.                                                                                      
VST1-P   8992.6GB 0B      A   A      RAID5  11    0   64k  FTOL                       00c0ff15821600003ab7de5100000000 Disabled               0                     OK

VST1-S0  3597.0GB 0B      A   A      RAID50 6     0   128k CRIT                       00c0ff158216000072b6de5100000000 Disabled               0                     Degraded
  The vdisk is not fault tolerant. Reconstruction cannot start because there is no spare disk available of the proper type and size.
  - Replace the failed disk.
  - Configure the new disk as a spare so the system can start reconstructing the vdisk.
  - To prevent this problem in the future, configure one or more additional disks as spare disks.
VST1-S1  3597.0GB 0B      B   B      RAID50 6     0   128k FTOL                       00c0ff158487000004b7de5100000000 Disabled               0                     OK

Success: Command completed successfully. (2014-11-14 09:36:56)


1)all LED indicators on the each one disk are "green"
2)what does it exactly mean "The vdisk is quarantined."
3)are these critical information above?
4)how to determine from command line which one exactly disk is FAULTY? (slot1 or slot2 or slot3... etc) - output of "show disks", "show disks encl" looks good
5)it is necessary to replace disk or something else we should do? (remember that all LED indicator are "green" and - output of "show disks", "show disks encl" looks good)
6)we haven't access to the both controllers of MSA 2000 through HTTP - only command line via telenet or SSH
7)I attached output of the commands: "show disks", "show disks encl", "show vdisks"
  from two different MSA 2000 - one from failure and one from good state
8)I searched events: [172]-none, [485]-only one:
  2014-11-10 21:08:36 [485] #B1999: P2000 G3 FC Array SN#00C0FF158487 Controller B WARNING A vdisk was quarantined to prevent writing invalid
  data that may exist on the controller that logged this event. (vdisk: , SN: 00c0ff15814d00003bb8de5100000000)  
  but it doesn't told me anything

If i can do anything more to clarify situation feel free to ask me
Thanks in advance for your help.

  Best regards
  Artur Debski


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Re: MSA Storage P2000 G3 FC - problem

First problem in the first line:


Version: TS240P003


Currently we are at TS251P006-02.bin. There are so many fixes ...




next problem:


The vdisk is not fault tolerant. Reconstruction cannot start because there is no spare disk available 






means more or less the LUN has failed, but maybe you can reactivate one of the "failed" disks somehow, so you have a single shot to activate the LUN again.


The SMU guide says:

A vdisk having a fault-tolerant RAID level becomes quarantinedif at least one of its disks is missing after
the storage system is powered up. Quarantine does not occur for NRAID or RAID-0 vdisks; if known-failed
disks are missing; or if disks are missing after failover or recovery.


Please read the chapter "Removing a vdisk from quarantine".


 QTOF means

Quarantined offline (QTOF): The vdisk is offline and quarantined because multiple disks are missing
and user data is incomplete.


Better discuss the issue with HP support, the system logs will provide more important information about what happened.

Hope this helps!

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