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MSA failure

Occasional Contributor

MSA failure

dl360g5 with p800 ctrl connected to 2 msa 50's on separate channels. 6 disks in each, forming mirrored pairs across the msa's ie, msa 1 disk 1 is mirrored to msa 2 disk 1. one of the msa's died. installed new back plane.

mirror has not automatically re-established, all arrays in interim recovery.

I believe this is because the repaired msa is classed as a new one (different box number reported in utils) not the old one.

is it possible to re-number the repaired msa to give it the old box number (and therefore kicking in the mirrors recovery????) - or how do I remove the 'dead' disks from the mirrors and add the 'new' ones (although the disks are exactly the same, just a different address in the repaired msa)

Oracle DB server so trying to have 0 down time.....

Thanks ! ;)

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Re: MSA failure

solution was to make sure all firmware was up to date. The rather than having the 2 x msa's on a channel each, daisy chained them. The system then recognised them and re-established the mirrors. Once all had settled down, put them back onto they're own channels.