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MSA1000 ADG logical drive Corruption after rebuild

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MSA1000 ADG logical drive Corruption after rebuild

Hi all,

We have just had a disk fail in our MSA1000 which has rebuilt on the hot spare of identical size and speed, however whilst rebuilding one of the logical drives is now reporting corruption, this is the second time this has happened on the same logical drive, it has not occurred on any other of the logical drives.

Can anyone tell me why it is only affecting one logical drives and not the whole array and what could be causing the corruption



Valued Contributor

Re: MSA1000 ADG logical drive Corruption after rebuild

Hi Mark,

Can you state if there is more than one logical drive in the array, the reason I ask this is if one logical drive was corrupted you should see other logical drives in the same array have corruption

also can you find out what firmware verison the MSA controllers are running. You can get this information from ACU or from the CLI by issuing the command "show this_controller"

I would also recommend opening a case with HP support so they can look into the issue.