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amine Tabarak
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I have a SAN with the fellowing :
HP Proliant DL580 /Win2k
MSA1000 /FW 4.48
EVA4000 /FW 5031
FCA2101 HBA adapter /FW 3.92a2
FC windows driver
Compaq san switch 2/8
due to some issue with data protector and fellowing the EBS matrix of june 06 ,we must upgrate the FW of the HBA to vr393a0 and use the latest FCdriver 5-5.20a10.

I have proceded like this :
Upgrade to the latest driver for HBA /ok
Upgrade to the latest FW for HBA /ok

when rebooting the server i was not able to see my MSA1000 only EVA4000 was seen.
I downgraded the HBA FW to the used before one and the MSA1000 appear again.
Any Idea about this ?