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MSA1000 Rebuild failure volume needs recover

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MSA1000 Rebuild failure volume needs recover

I have a old msa1000 SAN which may have a bad drive.
Slot 10 drive was showing a blinking arrow and no light for the green or amber disk.
The front LCD panel said Rebuild failure.
CLI showed Unit 1 Volume Status: Volume Needs Recover
All other units were status OK.

So I hot swapped the disk with a new drive, thinking it was a bad drive. Unit 1 started to recover but shortly went into volume status: Volume needs recover once again.

All of the other units are now showing Volume Needs Recover status also except Unit 2 which is in the process of "Volume Recovering"

I am new to this array and only using it for a short term project.

Why will Unit 1 not recover? What do I need to do with this Unit now?

CLI> show unit 1

Unit 1:
In PDLA mode, Unit 1 is Lun 2; In VSA mode, Unit 1 is Lun 1.
Unit Identifier :
Device Identifier : 600805F3-001357E0-00000000-05C40010
Cache Status : Enabled
Max Boot Partition: Enabled
Parity Init Status: Complete
13 Data Disk(s) used by lun 1:
Disk101: Box 1, Bay 01, (SCSI bus 0, SCSI id 0)
Disk102: Box 1, Bay 02, (SCSI bus 0, SCSI id 1)
Disk103: Box 1, Bay 03, (SCSI bus 0, SCSI id 2)
Disk104: Box 1, Bay 04, (SCSI bus 0, SCSI id 3)
Disk105: Box 1, Bay 05, (SCSI bus 0, SCSI id 4)
Disk106: Box 1, Bay 06, (SCSI bus 0, SCSI id 5)
Disk107: Box 1, Bay 07, (SCSI bus 0, SCSI id 8)
Disk108: Box 1, Bay 08, (SCSI bus 1, SCSI id 0)
Disk109: Box 1, Bay 09, (SCSI bus 1, SCSI id 1)
Disk110: Box 1, Bay 10, (SCSI bus 1, SCSI id 2)
Disk111: Box 1, Bay 11, (SCSI bus 1, SCSI id 3)
Disk112: Box 1, Bay 12, (SCSI bus 1, SCSI id 4)
Disk113: Box 1, Bay 13, (SCSI bus 1, SCSI id 5)
Spare Disk(s) used by lun 1:
Disk114: Box 1, Bay 14, (SCSI bus 1, SCSI id 8)
Logical Volume Capacity : 51,199MB