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MSA1000 Write Cache Type

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MSA1000 Write Cache Type

Hi all,

We have a DL360 G3 server connected to an MSA1000 san. The server has a SmartArray 5i with BBWC and the MSA1000 has a 256 MB cache upgrade. We understand that the 5i controller cache is write-back but we are unsure about the the type of the cache in the MSA1000.

Is it write-back or write through cache?
Karthik S S
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Re: MSA1000 Write Cache Type


MSA1000 has a protected post-write and read-ahead caching, allowing data to be accessed faster than from disk storage. In protected post-write caching, data is written to the cache memory on the array accelerator rather than directly to the disks. When the system is idle, the controller writes the cached data to the drive array.

-Karthik S S
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