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MSA1000 & 2xMSA30; question regarding spare disk!

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MSA1000 & 2xMSA30; question regarding spare disk!



We have configured an MSA1000 and 2 MSA30's, providing us with 42 146GB disks.  We are currently creating the LUNs by creating a RAID1 set across all 42 disks.


Is this good practice, or should we create the RAID1 set across 'not all' of the disks, and create a spare?  Leading to another question; does one spare disk serve only one tray, ie 1 from the 14 (therefore having 3 spares), or can 1 disk serve the whole araay, ie 1 from the 42?


Hope this makes sense.





John Kufrovich
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA1000 & 2xMSA30; question regarding spare disk!


About the volume situation.  It really depends what your intend use is.  With the 1000/1500, if you create 1 42-member array group and many volumes.  Then decide to remove volume 1, you will have to delete all later volumes in order to delete volume 1. 


The spare can be anywhere in the array.  You can assign multiple spares per a volume or multiple volumes to one spare.