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MSA1000 drive roaming

Occasional Advisor

MSA1000 drive roaming

We have an MSA1000 with 2 shelves.
The setup we have is 1x RAID ADG array with 10x 146GB drives across 2 shelves(6 on top and 4 on lower)and an additional 2x spare 146GB drives on the top shelf. The array then consists of 4x logical drives.

We wish to move the 4 disks on the lower shelf up to free spaces on the top shelf.

We have 2 Netware servers configured as cluster nodes via 2x FC switches.

I understand from reading other forum posts that I need to power down the MSA1000 before moving the disks. My questions are:

1. The firmware on the MSA1000 on both controllers is 4.32.B300. Should there be any issues with drive roaming and this fw version?

2. Am I right to assume that all the logical drives will stay intact despite the disks being moved?
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSA1000 drive roaming

We moved the disks and the drive roaming worked well.