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MSA1000 - monitoring controllers


MSA1000 - monitoring controllers


Does anyone the best way to monitor the controller on a MSA1000. We have two controllers in a passive/active configuration?

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Re: MSA1000 - monitoring controllers

It depends on the OS you are using with this controller. For example - Insight Manager is good for this purpose.
Amol Garge
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSA1000 - monitoring controllers

The best way is to log on to the ACU( Array configuration utility) and check the device health by going into the properties.

A quick glance of the LED status will tell you the active controller, if the controller has failed over you will come to know.

If its a windows box then the MPIO installed is useless as it does not have a GUI.

If you have Secure path then you may want to check the paths.

Again, its an entry level box, it cant give you a more indepth monitoring.