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MSA1000 questions

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Sean OB_1
Honored Contributor

MSA1000 questions

Howdy folks.

I'm prepping for the MSA exam and have a couple of items that I couldn't find an answer for.

1: What's the max number of logical drives that the msa1000 allows? Does the msa1500 differ?

2: If you do a das to san migration can those drives be removed and placed back into the das device?

3: What options do you have for updating the BIOS on windows and netware HBA's?

TIA and points for all answers.

John Kufrovich
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA1000 questions

1): 32, no difference.

2): It depends on the SA controller. MSA1000 using a SA5 series. You could go back and forth. But if you controller is less than the SA5 series it is a one way trip, meaning SA3200, SA4xxx

3). Emulex, you can use the lputilnt. Qlogic, you have to use a boot diskette. Unless you use RDP, I've configured my RDP to flash Qlogic FW via PXE.