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MSA1000 san share issue

Marta Gomez
Occasional Advisor

MSA1000 san share issue

I've got a SAN with an MSA1000 and 2 itanium servers with linux connected to it (dual path).
As doesn't exist acu for linux/itanium, i would like to connect a proliant that i have to the san, only to install ACU, not to present disks.
Can someone tell me if it's possible??
Can I share linux/itanium with windows?
Can I share dual path with single path?
I know that exist a compatibility guide of MSA100 (august 04), but sometimes, information about san/itanium/linux/etc... is confused.

Thanks in advanced.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA1000 san share issue

You can share Linux and Windows servers on a single MSA, provided that you set up SSP (you know that it is very easy to kill a disk with Windows, do you?).

Once you have at least one Linux system connected, all servers are required to have dual fibre channel adapters. It's been some time I read about this, but I think the argument was that a booting Linux system can cause a controller failover.

I'd say that this is not really critical in your situation if you like to look after the MSA with ACU from time to time or make a change now and then. You can always cause a manual 'failback' to Controller-1 with Secure Path. Fortunately, MSA controllers don't die that often - at least that's my experience ;-)