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MSA1000 temperature alarm levels

Håkan Persson_1
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MSA1000 temperature alarm levels

I have tried to find out at what levels the alarms "go off" in a MSA1000 when the temperature is going up. First there's a warning and then the "Overheated"-message.

I suspect that the later is at 35-36 degrees celsius. Anyone that knows the exact values ?
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Re: MSA1000 temperature alarm levels

it is 10 to 35 degree Celsius
check this.

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Vincent Fleming
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Re: MSA1000 temperature alarm levels

That appears to be unpublished information.

No doubt it's encoded in the FW of the hardware (EMU - environmental monitoring unit), so it's also subject to change with firmware upgrades.

Typically, temperatures inside the array are higher than the ambient temperature (by up to 10 degrees or so), so the settings for the temperature alarm are probably somewhat higher (+10 degrees?) than 35 degrees.

The temperature values (10 to 35 degrees) quoted in the QuickSpec are approximate (and conservative) - what really matters is the internal temperature of the array.

Since there are several factors that can vary the temperature within the array (drive sizes, # of drives, fan failures, etc), the ambient (room) temperature when the alarm goes off will vary somewhat.


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