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MSA1500 cannot extend beyond 64GB


MSA1500 cannot extend beyond 64GB


Recently i have fitted some extra disks in an clients MSA1500. I wanted to extend the first LUN from 38GB to 80GB but could not go further then 64GB. I have done a quick look at ITRC forum but didn't find it. Does anyone have an explication for this?

There are 2 SCSI array's.
LUN 1 Raid 1 no problem to extend from 130 to 260GB
LUN 1 RAID 5 38GB could not extend beyond 64GB
LUN 2 RAID 5 200GB no problem to extend to 400GB

I have tried different combinations first extending LUN1 on SCSI B or first extending LUN 2 on SCSI B and so on.

Greets Pieter
Valued Contributor

Re: MSA1500 cannot extend beyond 64GB

hi Greets,

As per my knowledge, we can have Luns uptill 2TB on MSA1500 controllers.
Could you tell what is the exact error when you try to expand. Also what is the firware on the MSA1500cs, I don`t think should be an issue as you are able to expand the other two volumes.


Re: MSA1500 cannot extend beyond 64GB

I think it must be a levelling problem.
The client tried after relevelling if he could extend the volume and this worked.
So i think after i added the disks i first had to let the MSA1500 relevel and then extend the volume. instead of doing all of this in one time.

The problem was actually that the client did not have the maintenance window to do this.

So if you have the time split up the adding of the disks and the extending of the volumes.