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MSA1500 complains about low battery

Frequent Advisor

MSA1500 complains about low battery


I have a dual-controller MSA1500 CS (firmware 5.20) which perpetually complains about it's cache batteries being low. From the output of ADU:

Cache Flag:
Configured And Enabled For At Least One Logical Drive
Status: Informational

Cache flag: Possible Data Loss At Reset Due To Low Or Failed Batteries
Status: Warning

Battery Count: 2 (0x0002)
Battery Status: 0x0003
Failed Batteries: 0 (0x0000)

So, if the Batteries are not Failed (Failed Batteries: 0) then they must be Low? There are two reasons why I find this hard to believe:

1. The status has been like this for months
2. The status of both controllers is the same.

Maybe this is some kind of bug in firmware 5.20? Or is there really something wrong with the cache batteries?
Frequent Advisor

Re: MSA1500 complains about low battery

I was wrong in my original message saying that both controllers have the same error condition. Actually it only happened on controller 1.

Anyway, our local HP representative sent me new batteries for both controllers, I replaced them and the problem is now gone. So looks like there actually was something wrong with the batteries, even though this MSA has been in use only 9 months.