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Re: MSA1500 delete everything from CLI

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MSA1500 delete everything from CLI

I have one MSA1500 connected to only one HP-UX box. I installed ACU-CLI on HP-UX box.

There is direct FC connection from the back side of 1st controller FC port to HP-UX HBA.

I am observing that HP-UX box is not seeing the controller. I am not understanding why ?

then i connected through MSA controller console through hyperterminal.

I want to delete everything (luns, arrays, ssp, etc...) and restore to default options.

Is there any one command which can do this ?

I searched manual, i did not found. With ACU running on Windows, i can see there is a option to delete everything. I want the same with CLI.

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Re: MSA1500 delete everything from CLI

Hi, here's the CLI manual
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