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MSA1500 ready for rebuild

Timo Steylen

MSA1500 ready for rebuild

a failed disk is rebuilding on the hotspare disk on a MSA1500. 2 of the 3 LUNs are rebuilded, but the process stops by the 3th LUN. On the systems management homepage i see the message: "Ready for rebuild" but nothing happens...

i can remove the failed disk and see what happens, maybe the rebuild process will take place on the original replaced disk?

Honored Contributor

Re: MSA1500 ready for rebuild

it is perhaps the situation in which
the controller is informing you on that the volume is waiting to start rebuilding data on a SCSI drive that replaces a failed one. The rebuild may not have started because the array controller is allready performing a rebuild on another volume...
the pain is one part of the reality
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSA1500 ready for rebuild

Hi Timo,
The MSA's follow a sequential approach towards re-building volumes (One-at-a-time).

Could you attach an ADU report? Have to see if any drives are reporting problems.

Timo Steylen

Re: MSA1500 ready for rebuild

The status is still "Ready for rebuild"...

The past two weeks we saw many scsi reservation errors on ESX 3.5 and the LUNs where very slow. Some VM's crashed because they loose there LUNs. After the MSA has put the disk in failed mode, everthing works a lot better. No more SCSI reservation errors on ESX and the LUNs are not slow anymore.

We can't copy al of the VM's from the LUN which is "ready for rebuild" so i think some VM's are corrupt. The question is, should we replace the failed disk while the rebuild proces on the hosspare isn't finished?
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA1500 ready for rebuild

What typically happens is that IF you replace a defective drive while the rebuild onto the hotspare is still on-going, is that the rebuild will stop and start to rebuild onto the replaced/new disk. (This way the hotspare always resides in the same physicall location).

I would hold off now and wait till it finished first and see if your environment is stable.