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Colin Mackay
Frequent Advisor



My company currently uses a MSA1500 controller, with a MSA 20 (16 bay SATA). It's all configured as a RAID 6...

Anyway, over my holidays one of the drives went offline. This, for some reason, caused the entire array to stop responding. After rebooting the array, things were back to normal. This shouldn't really be happening, a single drive failure when you have 8 drives mirrored to the other 8...

Any thoughts, suggestions?




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Jefferson Humber
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA1500


You running the latest firmware revisions ?

I know there have been issues with SATA in the past, which have been improved upon in recent releases.

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Re: MSA1500


There is a Cutomer Advisory released by HP

As mentioned in the advisory,in order to prevent such issue, upgrade the MSA20 system firmware to version 1.40 or later.

Hense, Klaus
Valued Contributor

Re: MSA1500


Install the last firmware on MSA1500 and MSA20. In Januar 2006 a new firmware 5.03 is coming.
Also put the SCSI I/O Modul from Slot 0 to the next free slot from MSA1500.
htere is a Problem with the slot 0 (the right slot from behind)
Dan Wanek
Valued Contributor

Re: MSA1500

Just so you know, you are not alone. Something very similar just happened to us and we are at the latest firmware on the MSA 1500 and the MSA20's. Hopefully the new firmware will be out soon and take care of this.