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MSA1500cs ACU iso ??

Greg Cotten

MSA1500cs ACU iso ??

I have read posts that point to an iso image file to get the ACU for the MSA1500cs and 2 MSA1500 arrays we have. However, this iso image file which I got from choosing Windows 2000, does not work. When I received the msa1500cs there was no CD/DVD included that may possibly have the ACU on it. I have HP SMH and SIM to try to manage these arrays, but neither will show anything about the arrays. If I connect to the array via serial and create a lun, ioscan will see it. Does anyone know how or where to get the ACU? I read about people using it but the only place it seems to be available is within the iso which does not work. Or if someone has gotten it to work please share how you did it.
Thanks for replying if you do.

Re: MSA1500cs ACU iso ??

Here are the links to ACU. You mentioned Win 2000, but I am not sure if you mean you are using that OS or not (there are Windows 2000/2003 and Linux versions). So I posted links for the ACU installers for both Windows versions:

Win 2000:


Win Server 2003:


On the left side of those pages you can find links to other downloads and Manuals of the 1500cs. Just in case, here is the link for the bootable Support CD version 8.02 (in case you use other OS):

Greg Cotten

Re: MSA1500cs ACU iso ??

I will try to download the zip file. I am sorry we have HP-UX v1 Sept 2005 EOE installed on the server. The server is a RP4440. There are 2 MSA1500 connected to one MSA1500cs. The MSA1500cs is connected to the HP-UX box via fibre cable. I can do an ioscan and see the arrays but not the drives. I created a lun via the CLI which does show in ioscan.

My next question is why does one of the entire msa1500 arrays have the hard drive light on. All 14 disks do and 2 of the other drives do also. I have not been able to find any documentation on this.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: MSA1500cs ACU iso ??

Sorry but I'm a little unclear on your last question. The disk lights should be on if they are configured as part of a raidset but will be off if unconfigured or set as a spare disk. As for ACU, I've been managing MSA1000s for years with the CLI and it works just fine, does everything you need for both config and presentation, if you want remote control just put the CLI cable on a nearby server and run a remote connection through it.
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