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MSA20 RAID6 - Code 776 - Ready for Recovery

Ross Hathaway
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MSA20 RAID6 - Code 776 - Ready for Recovery

We have a RAID6 array on our MSA20, containing a total of 5 500GB drives. Recently we had two of the drives fail from what appears to be a firmware issue. After upgrading the firmware on the SA6400 to 2.84 and the MSA20 to 2.08, the status on both drives changed from "MISSING" to "AVAILABLE". When we powered everything back on the Logical Drive showed a status of "(Ready for Recovery) Logical Drive 1 (1.4TB, RAID6 (ADG)) is queued for rebuilding." It has remained at this status for a couple hours now and shows no signs of actually rebuilding or recovering. I've attached the ADU report that we ran. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know.
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Re: MSA20 RAID6 - Code 776 - Ready for Recovery

Hi Ross,

Can you look at the physical layout and confirm the target selections in ACU?

The map looks weird.

However, it looks like there might have been 3 drives failing at some point, which may indicate a recreate/restore is needed. Drives 1:1 & 1:5 reported Hot-plug start failures. 1:3 is reporting hard read errors, but according to map layout 1:3 isn't part of the configuration, 3 of the target are on the MSA1500, and the MSA1500cs has wrong target status on several drives indicating a possible conflict.

Unit Flags Status
------------------------------- --------
Rebuild Aborted From Read Error Critical

Physical Drives 0x0005
Assigned Drives 0x0005
Fault Tolerance Mode 6 (0x0005)
Drives Consumed For Fault Tolerance 0x0002
Big Blocks In Logical Drive 0x00000000aea62030
Block Size 512 Bytes Per Block (0x0200)
Number Of Parity Groups 0x00
Drive Param Table Max Cylinders Max Heads Translation Signature Phys Sectors Per Track Pre Comp Cylinder Max ECC Burst Drive Control Max Physical Cylinders Max Physical Heads Landing Zone Sectors Per Track Checksum
------------- --------- --------------------- ---------------------- ----------------- ------------- ------------- ---------------------- ------------------ ------------ ----------------- --------
0xffff 0xff 0x00 0x00 0xffff 0x00 0x08 0x0000 0x00 0xffff 0x20 0x9c

Drive Assignment Map Device Status
--------------------- -------------
Physical Drive 1:1 Informational
Physical Drive 1:2 Informational
Physical Drive 1I:1:6 Informational
Physical Drive 1I:1:5 Informational
Physical Drive 2I:1:4 Informational

I think it lost the configuration or auto assigned drives that might have been flagged as hot spares?

I think it should be this:


You might have to replace 1:3 due to the hard read errors.