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MSA20 SATA Disk, max size?

Louis Henninger_1
Regular Advisor

MSA20 SATA Disk, max size?

Anyone know when HP will release F/W to support 2TB SATA Disks? I'm using 1TB now and needed to increase space.

Jens Ey
Frequent Advisor

Re: MSA20 SATA Disk, max size?

Hello Louis,

I don't know the answer, sorry. But I have a question: The MSA20 supports only LUNs up to 2TB. I have a MSA20 with 12 750GB drives and had to configure it to 4 RAID5-arrays with 3 disks each to use the capacity of the drives. So I ended up with 5 TB alltogether.

How would you use the MSA20 with 2 TB drives?`