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MSA20 SATA Logical Drive - 2TB+ ??

Graeme Watson
Occasional Advisor

MSA20 SATA Logical Drive - 2TB+ ??

I have a fully populated HP MSA20 disk shelf with 3TB of SATA drives (12*250GB)

The maximum logical drive size I can create is 2097151MB or approx 2TB.

Is there anyway around this? I require the full 3TB minus 250GB for Raid 5.

I have upgraded the firmware for both MSA20 and the server (DL360). I have also upgraded to Windows 2003 SP1 since it now supports logical drives larger than 2TB, but still nothing. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


Honored Contributor

Re: MSA20 SATA Logical Drive - 2TB+ ??


The 2TB limitation is from the storage. I remember an earlier post where UWE Zessin had given a good reply on this limitation.

You may search for that thread, I could not locate it now and I was impatient :-)

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