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MSA20 -> MSA60

todd bailey

MSA20 -> MSA60

Does anyone know if it's possible to convert this to a MSA60?


Would it be as simple installing a SAS interface module or is there more to it?





Dileep P S

Re: MSA20 -> MSA60

MSA 20 to MSA 60 is not possible.


MSA 60 is just a jbod and 


MSA 20 


  • Support for the Smart Array 6404, Smart Array 6402, Smart Array 642 and the Smart Array 6i Controllers only 
  • Supports HP SATA 3G disk drives, with capacities of 250 GB, 500 GB, 750 GB SATA drives,no support for SAS drives
  • Total storage capacity of 12TB (with 12 HP SATA 3G 1TB hard drives)
  • Ultra320 SCSI host connectivity is possible

Where as for MSA 60


  • 3 Gb/s SAS host connectivity
  • Dual Domain support with HP Smart Array P800 Controller for HP ProLiant and Integrity servers (requires dual port SAS drives)
  • Multi Initiator support with the SC44Ge Host Bus Adapter (AH303A) (HP-UX and Open VMS on selected HP Integrity Servers) with dual port SAS drives only
  • Supports HP SAS single port and dual port 3G SAS disk drives, (72 GB, 146 GB, 300 GB & 450 GB 15K & 400 GB 10K capacities) and 6G DP SAS disk drives (300GB, 450GB & 600GB 15K capacities)
  • Ability to support HP SAS dual port MDL (Midline) 6G disk drives (1 TB and 2 TB capacities)
  • Compatible with HP SATA 3G disk drives, (500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB capacities)
  • Maximum storage capacity of 7.2 TB (with twelve HP SAS 6G 600 GB hard drives) or 24 TB (with twelve HP SATA 3G 2 TB hard drives or 2 TB SAS MDL drives)

Also MSA 60 do not have any embededd raid controllers in it,but MSA 20 has embedded 5i controller in it