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MSA20 - replaced drive

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MSA20 - replaced drive

Hi all,


i logged call with HP support and had the predicted drive for failure replace. It rebuilt two of the 4 arrays, and is now stuck with "Ready for Recover" and not proceeding further.


Attached is the HP ACU report.

Please advise as i am stuck with what to do. can the remaining two volumes not be forced for recovery.


Re: MSA20 - replaced drive

Hi There,


The logical drive is queued for rebuilding generally seen on MSA when controller is busy rebuilding another drive or another logical drive is being rebuilt and status yet to be refreshed. Would suggest you to wait for sometime and refresh the status from ACU.


If status does not change then validate your backup/ backup the information and try the following steps:


1. backup the data if required.

2. Power cycle the devices (power-off the server first, then the MSA. While powering ON Power on the MSA and wait for MSA to initialized then power on the server).

3. A POST message will appear when the system is next powered up. This message prompts you to press the F1 key to start automatic data recovery. start the data recovery process by pressing the F1 key and monitor the status.



Note:  If you do not enable automatic data recovery, the logical volume remains in a ready-to-recover condition and the same POST message appears whenever the system is restarted.


Hope this helps,




For more information on disk / Array troubleshooting, please refer to HP Guided Troubleshooting (www.hp.com/support/hpgt)






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