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MSA20 sync speed

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MSA20 sync speed

We've got a MSA20 with 12x500GB SATA drives. 6404 and MSA20 controllers flashed with the latest and greatest firmware.

The array is currently (48h and counting) syncing its raid sets... only way to tell this is to check the disk leds?

How can we use (hpacucli or other Linux/HP commands) to see if a raid set is currently syncing/rebuilding or not? I.e. we want to know when we can expect an increase in performance... During rebuild we got ~180MB/s read and ~10MB/s write...

Also, when a new array is created, the cacheratio is automatically set to 100/0. Is this a feature or a "feature"?
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Re: MSA20 sync speed

Figures from same machine (DL380 G4):
SA6i/internal 4*36 GB scsi raid5, read = ~140 MB/s
SA6i/MSA20 8*250 GB sata raid5, read = ~100 MB/s
SA6i/MSA20 4*250 GB sata raid0, read = ~85 MB/s
6404/MSA20 5*500 GB sata raid5, read = ~170 MB/s
6404/MSA20 2*500 GB sata raid0, read = ~50 MB/s

is the result above representative for this kind of solution?