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MSA2000 LUN and Volume name usage

Jack Alexander
Occasional Contributor

MSA2000 LUN and Volume name usage

I'm wondering if there is some tutorial or beginners read me on mapping LUNs and using Volume names on and MSA2000 (msa2212fc). I've read the users guide and read through lots of this forum, but I feel like I'm missing something.

I have 12 dual controller enclosures each with an expansion unit connected to two SAN switches which are connected to HBAs in 6 dl380g5 servers.

Are volume names meaningful at all? It seems that I can use the same volume name on each set of controllers with no conflict.

The same question with LUNS. It seems that I can create more than 1 volume with the same LUN on a single controller without any difficulties.

Any help or pointers to docs will be appreciated.


Re: MSA2000 LUN and Volume name usage

Hello Jack,

Volume names are to recognize the Luns and can be the same in different arrays with no problem (they are identified in the SAN with WWID's from each other), but it is always good to put unique significant names to differentiate the MSA and the lun, lun numbering follows the same principle, can be repeated in diffent arrays.

If you have the SAN properly configured (zoning and cabling), there should not be any problem.

The user guide is useful for installation and basic config, but the doc I like for configuration issues is the Reference guide:


In Page 84 is the volumes section, page 99 for mapping luns on a 2012fc, you migh want to check page 95 for host list information.
Phillip Thayer
Esteemed Contributor

Re: MSA2000 LUN and Volume name usage


As a general rule I will use volume names that identify the controllerpair-system-lunnumber. That way I can easily look and identify what device I am working with on what system. The naming convention used for volumes is entirely up to the person configuring the MSA2000. And if you come up with a naming convention down the road that fits your needs better, you can simply go in and change the names of the volumes to fit your needs.

Once it's in production it's all bugs after that.