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MSA2000 Restoring Defaults

Ray Hooper
Occasional Visitor

MSA2000 Restoring Defaults

When I issue the MSA2000 cli command "restore defaults" and do a "restart sc both" it does not delete the Vdisks, Volumes and mapping configuration.
Does anyone know how to get everything back to factory defaults with minimal commands.

Honored Contributor

Re: MSA2000 Restoring Defaults


as far as i know the disk (vdisk,volume etc) information is held on the drives themselves, but i did'nt think that would include the mapping. so you would have to delete your volumes and vdisks seperately.

hope this helps

Venkadesh Kannan
Frequent Advisor

Re: MSA2000 Restoring Defaults

Restoring All Defaults
As an Advanced Manage user, if the system is not working properly and you cannot
determine why, you can restore its default configuration settings. This restores all
defaults except the following:
â   Settings related to virtual disks and volumes
â   IP settings (address, subnet mask, and gateway)
â   System time and date

restart SC both - no Iam sure no vdisks are deleted here too
so do not worry nothing should happen with these commands