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MSA2000i G1 (AJ747A) Upgrade

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MSA2000i G1 (AJ747A) Upgrade

We have a MSA 2000i G1 dual controller with 1 enclosure. I have 6 x 1 TB drives as well. I would like to upgrade the dual controllers and get some 600GB drives.
AJ747A - HP 2012i DC Modular Smart Array
AJ740A - HP MSA2 1TB 7200 RPM 2.5 inch SATA Hard Drive
AJ750A - HP MSA2000 3.5 in Dual I/O 12 Drive Enclosure

Questions: (If I upgrade the G1 to FC/iSCSI G3 controllers ...)
1. Will the existing additional enclosure still work?
2. Will any future additional enclosures have to be the G1 enclosure?
3. Will the 1 TB SATA drives still work?
4. Will I be able to use the 600GB 6GB LFF SAS drives in the existing controllers? (Is disk compatiblity based on the controllers or enclosure?)
5. I'm assuming the new G3 controllers will downgrade to 3GB on the back-end?
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Re: MSA2000i G1 (AJ747A) Upgrade