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MSA2012SA Error Vdisk(s) Offline

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MSA2012SA Error Vdisk(s) Offline

My MSA2012SA indicates Vdisk offline error.  There are 12 drives.  Two of the drives the system does not recognize.  I have replaced the drives but the system is still saying offline.  What can I do to get the system to recognize the drives and get them back online?


See screenshot attached.

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Re: MSA2012SA Error Vdisk(s) Offline

Is this a single port 1TB Disk?


There is not much we can do. I hope you have a backup. 

If not, you can give this a shot:

1. Shutdown the complete system.

2. Remove the disks (Let it cool for 10-15mins)

3. Reinsert the Disk drives to respective slots.

4. Powerup the Storage Unit.

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