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MSA2012SA unit poses a risk to uptime.

Mark Blackman
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MSA2012SA unit poses a risk to uptime.

Do HP find it acceptable that that both power supply units in an MSA2012SA unit can fail within 15 minutes of each other?

This is the case we hit yesterday, it took our hosting provider two hours to contact HP about replacing the PSU units and then it took another 5 hours for the HP engineer to get new units into the drive array.

Be warned, if you get an MSA2012SA, be prepared to get a second one at the same time. The dual power supply provides no genuine safety net.
Venkadesh Kannan
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Re: MSA2012SA unit poses a risk to uptime.

if MSA are at lower firmware less than M110R28, it may not show correct poer supply errors. It is given here


so probably there was a failure earlier & it was not shown up due to old firmware.