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MSA2012i Raid 5 disk failure

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MSA2012i Raid 5 disk failure


We've had a disk failure in our Storage Works MSA2012i. At least I think the disk has failed. Solid amber LED and SMU says the vdisk is critical with one drive down.

The system is in a 4 disk Raid 5 array. I have the replacement disk from HP. My question is, what are the procedures for replacing the drive? I've pulled a disk from a RAID 5 array before and had the entire system fail so I am really nervous. Any steps or a guide would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: MSA2012i Raid 5 disk failure


The procedure would be simple and straight. Need to remove the disk and replace with new one.

You can just remove the HDD and wait for 2 min and replace the new disk and obseve in SMU. It has to do the reconstruction.

You can take a support from HP if you found any issues, as you have contract with them.

As a general recommandation please make sure that your array is running with latest firmware.

subjest to your previous incident, "Accidents may happen sometimes, but not always!!!"